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Love of a girl

I got regret, soul debt
Gotta get one hit
Sunlit, unfit
Still owe my alma matter
Nightmare, slow throwin'
Haymakers underwater
Gotta get my hair right
Love you, goodnight
Gotta get cleaned up
Pressed up, dressed up
Sun down comes around
Find me with my head down
Toes turned in with my hands in my pockets
Like a present day
Hesitatin' Huckleberry Finn

So I sneak out, peace out
Peek out the curtains
Of a blacked out bedroom
Passed out cartoon
Version of a person
With a whole herd of sheep
Just floatin' in a circle
With some capital Z's

Never find me
Waiting kindly
For someone
To come remind me
Why I struggle so
Well it's all for the love of a girl

I got one older brother
He's a fighter and a lover
And every other day
He seems to rediscover
What the underlying meaning
Of the dreaming and the scheming is
History colliding with the soul and the showbiz
Don't save much
For a touchdown celebration
Runnin' out the tunnel
On a hundred foot elevation
Racin' through the scene
Like a drop of gasoline
Through a 427 in a Ford Galaxy

Never find me (him)
Waiting patient
For someone
To come explain it
Why I (he) suffers so
Well it's all for the love of a girl

It's a hard up, hard luck
Planet that we're livin' on
Heartache partaken
Of the blue ribbon
On most of the trails
That we didn't put rails on
Showing at the funeral home with bells on
Gotta get woken up
Opened up all the way
Lawyer on the phone saying
Hey I just called to say
Still two or three bills in the mail on the way
Hope ya doin' all right
Hope ya had a great day
Well as a matter of fact
I ain't really doin' half bad
I was out running errands
From early 'til half past four
And I got a good deal on flowers at the grocery store

Never find me
Waiting kindly
For someone
To come remind me
Why I struggle so
Why I struggle so
Well it's all for the love of a girl

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The Avett Brothers is a folk-rock band from Concord, North Carolina. The band is made up of two brothers, Scott Avett and Seth Avett, who play the banjo and guitar respectively, and Bob Crawford who plays the stand-up bass. They are often joined on tour by cellist Joe Kwon. Risen from the ashes of Seth and Scott's former rock band Nemo, the Avett Brothers combine bluegrass, country, punk, pop melodies, folk, rock and roll, honky tonk, and ragtime to produce a sound described by the San Francisco Chronicle as having the "heavy sadness of Townes Van Zandt, the light pop concision of Buddy Holly, the tuneful jangle of the Beatles, the raw energy of the Ramones."

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